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Vad is a 3x Author, Professional Athlete, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, & Mentor. His passion to reach and mold the hearts of others has led him on a journey of Building Leaders.

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National Publish Author and Motivatior, Vad Lee is on mission to help athletes discover Purpose beyond their position of athletics. Check out his book Purpose Over Position and learn more about the nonprofit organization
Purpose Over PositionVad shares a life-changing message that can be instrumental to discerning God’s plan to live a life full of purpose! 
This book is filled with spiritual, inspirational, and motivational wisdom in efforts to help you seek God’s Kingdom perspective. Purpose Over Position will engage, equip, and empower men
and women all over the world, who desire to live a lifestyle based on God’s eternal Word, rather than earthly views. This book is showered with the eternal Word of God that will give meaning to your life and shift the way you view purpose.


Vad Lee

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