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Vad and Khalya Lee became one on January 21st 2017 in Fayetteville, Georgia. Since, the two have been on a journey of love, sacrifice, and commitment to establishing a greater future through lifetime dreams of dentistry, athletics and ministry.

Vad was born in Durham, North Carolina. He is a graduate of Hillside High as a scholar athlete and student. He lead his High School football team to it's first ever 4A State Championship. His love for sports and ministry has always been a big part of who he is. After three years at Georgia Tech and two years at James Madison University, he earned his Bachelor's in Political Science degree. He also became a two time All American, conference player of the year in football during his college career.

Khayla was born and raised in Richmond, Virgnina. She attended Open High School which prepared her well to receive her Biology degree at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She is currently completing her doctoral dental degree at the Historic Howard University

Vad and Khayla's LoveLee surprise prayer proposal video has gone viral all around the world. They have 2 daughters, Saraiah and Siniaiah. Together they have started their own businesses and are the Authors of "That's My Friend!" children's book. Vad and Khayla both love serving the Lord and helping to advance the Kingdom of God forward. 

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