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As a Life Coach, Vad has a heart to motive, inspire and love people towards a journey of faith. Vad's mission is to Lift up the Kingdom of God, Empower People, & Build Up Leaders. This is a vision that he has seen good fruit produce from his experience working on the college campus of James Madison, Indiana and Maryland University. Vad has over ten years of ministry and coaching experience.  

Hebrew 10:24 And let us consider (thoughtfully) how we may encourage one another to love and to do good deeds.

Being able to display the parallel between biblical principles and life fundamentals, Vad strength is pulling from personal experience, and sharing life lessons through his sacred calling to encourage, motivate and empower.  

“I thoroughly enjoy being in a position of influence to positively impact people beyond the playing field. I am honored to build up people in times of joy and also times of discomfort.”

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